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Alicia Joey Brite and Her Philosophy: I began providing color consultation at the request of my clients after they saw the results of my work with their friends, colleagues and family members. After years of actual painting experience working with others involved in the home improvement field, I came to believe that lighting was the most important factor in choosing the best colors for any environment. Carpeting, flooring, window treatments, furnishings - even the textures of all of these - affect the amount of light reflected in any given space.


By incorporating my sense of design and involvement with other skilled professionals, I help my clients achieve the final outcome that is best for their projects. My mantra: There are so few things that we can control in life, but color can be one of them. Example: When remodeling is underway.. Armed with patience and more understanding about how contractors can tend to force their customer's hand in selecting their final paint color choices before any of the light-sucking elements have gone in (counter tops, cabinets, flooring AND..HELLO! L-I-G-H-T-I-N-G)...a homeowner can begin to get educated and empowered to take control of the final look of the project on THEIR terms (mostly). Yet very few people understand this exchange of contractor-customer relations. Contractors should work FOR you. They should not be working against your desires. This is where color consulting AT THE BEGINNING OF ANY REMODELING PROCESS CAN SAVE MONEY, not to mention frustration and potential lawsuits. Also, it's my belief that making changes to one's environment should not have to be so cost prohibitive as to stifle ANY movement in the direction of bringing color and beauty into your life.


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There are creative methods to approaching a room re-do without breaking your bank. IT'S ONLY PAINT! Don't stick with using simply (and often unattractive) white colors just because someone convinced you years ago that it was the 'safest' color to use. Take that step if you feel it, but just be smart on how you go about it. Don't decide on a color simply because you saw it at someone else's house and it looked good there, or you have a friend who's an 'interior decorator' or a graphic artist and they recommended a specific color for YOUR space. These ideas rarely work well as each environment is unique- not only due to the lighting that the space offers but due to architectural features, your furnishings, and the practical things that need to be considered for YOUR environment. This advice I'm giving applies to exterior color selection as well: Don't choose colors based on the opinions of others who work in other art-related fields such as graphic arts. These folks deal with computer sized imagery and have no concept of how a color will look on a huge surface in all 24 hours and all seasons. I'm here to help take you on that journey and be a conduit for that change in your space and hopefully to realize your vision within the budget that you can afford. And, I truly enjoy the challenge of helping you find the best color combinations for either-or-both your interior projects as well as exterior finishes. By working with my sense of balance, color placement and knowledge in various types of paint finishes, I combine all of this with my years of actual painting experience to offer the results that truly speak for themselves. BRING COLOR INTO YOUR LIFE

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